Monday, October 26, 2009

Sugar is the New Heroin

Says the lab rats.

I get it. I'm going through withdrawal. Three times today I walked into and back out of the kitchen. I drank some water. I drank some tea. I drank some Kombucha.

Oh and I ate some trail mix that had cranberries with sugar DAMMIT! So tomorrow I'm setting the timer back to day 1. But, I am feeling a wholelottamobetta.

Sunday without a scone. Woooo-hooo!


  1. i couldn't officially start on my 100 days until i completely finished the tub of blue bell cookies & cream so i'm on day 2!


  2. Sweet Jane:

    Please clarify.... are you referring to a cranberry with added sugar? Or a cranberry with its own naturally occurring sugar?


  3. Hey Large,

    Most dried cranberries have added sugar 'cause otherwise it will suck your face inside out it's so sour. The best case scenario is a 'fruit sweetened' cranberry which means grapejuice got involved...