Thursday, October 29, 2009

God Bless Cheese

I'm sure lots of people would refute this statement. Apparently Courtney Love has a lot to say on the topic. And it's pretty compelling, especially becuase she yells. But.

First I'm quitting the crack, and then we'll see about letting go of the miracle called grilled cheese.

So for now, Bring on the cheese, bring on the funk. (and since cheese is generally moldy, I guess I'm repeating myself there).

Here's some other things I go to when I'm jonsin' for some sugar-love:

* Ezekiel cereal (pretty much the ONLY cereal around sans Sug)

* Ezekial bread (with cheese)

* Did I mention cheese?

* Pickles

* Mint tea - weird but true, this knocks out sugar cravings. Especially if you're into agave and want to add a little smidgen

*Pretzels dipped in Almond Butter.

Oh I could go on about almond butter. I would say peanut butter 'cept it often has effin' sugar. Check the label. And almond butter can be your friend, even though it's expensive. Make out with it, seriously.

2 days to the day of sugar worshipping and the wearing of costumes so that you can eat alot of it. Are you scared? I am.

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