Sunday, November 29, 2009

oh pumpkin pie, you're such a beyatch

OK, I'm confessing here. I did get 'involved' with the pumpkin pie. It was all brown and spongee and wait a minute, what about it was tempting? Harumph. I went there. Until it was gone. Until the glass pan fell on the ground and we said '45 second rule!' and ate it like dogs off the ground.


But that's the power of the crack. By crack I mean Sugar. Powerful stuff.

Withdrawing again now. Once again I have pizza on my side, thank god. But in other news I did make a deelllicious Agave-sweetened Apple Pie. If you want, I'll give the recipe. It was even gluten free. What? Oh yes it was! But what the heck was the point when I got all cozy with the pump and the stuffin', I ask you?

How are the holiday's going for you? Stay strong friends!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thanksgiving, I'm not afraid of you!

Ok, maybe just a little.

But here's what I've noticed. So you eat that pumpkin pie. And let's get honest, you didn't need it. You were already SO damn full from the ginourmous plate o' stuff. But you feel, I dunno, entitled. Obliged.

But! If you say.

Efff You Sugar! I am bloated enough without you thanks!

Then the next day, you won't have the hangover. And the next day, you won't be so tempted by those dusty candycorns in the dish at that attorney's office. And the next day, you won't put just the tiniest bit of sugar in your tea because you had some yesterday. And then the days after that you won't slide down the slippery slope into the sugar hellride into the december holidayze and look up on New Years Day and go, oh shitdamn, what happened? I feel like crap and am wearing an extra five pounds all because of that DAMN PUMPKIN PIE. Don't do it friend, you can resist.

So All together now.

Eff you sugar! 

And I'm going to make an apple pie sweetened minimally with Agave. If it doesn't suck, I'll post the recipe here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reason #5 not to eat effin sugar

Your best chance at avoiding the pig flu.


Here is a nice article that summarizes why. But basically in my I-don't-actually-know-what-the-eff-I'm-talking-about-but-I-can-google-like-nobody's-business way, your immune system gets depressed for a chunk of time after you eat some of the crack and you invite the ick floating around in your system to land and take hold.

So yea, like that. So. Along with the usual immune system good news things like sleep, water, and you know, vegetables. This is another swell way to keep the evil bugs at bay.

If you wish you had delicious sweet this fall, eat an apple. Seriously yum.