Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey Jane, why do you hate sugar so much?

Well, because it's evil.

It makes my body hurt.
It makes me wear lotsa extra weight.
It makes me grumpy. (Okay mean).

It's getting people really really sick.
You know what LOVES sugar? Cancer. Yep, if you want to get that tumor growing, eat lots of sugar.
Diabetes. 'nuff said.

It's been a long time crusade of mine to quit the 'crack' as I affectionately call it. Sugar in fact is one molecule off from heroin. No kidding. (Ummmkay just googled this and I guess it's not accurate, but let's go with it anyway, okay?) Clearly I don't claim to be any kind of expert, but I have battled my own sugar addiction for 10 years now and I'm just sick of being sick.

So let's do this thing together. Let's quit the evil drug that's making us fat and angry and grumpy and turn into the label reading hot chics (and dudes) that we were meant to be. Ok label reading sucks but it's an important part of the journey.

So what's the journey? My challenge to you is to quit white sugar for 100 days. I'm not all up in your honey grill, honey it up. I'm also (personally) down with the Agave. The molasses thing? Ugh, hard to know. I'm quitting that one too. I'm letting go of the things that 'cause a sugar reaction - as it OMFG I have to eat more and more and more. But you can define your own terms, I think kicking the white stuff is hard enough.

Google and wiki and this place say names for white sugar include:

oh and the corn syrup's

High fructose corn syrup is evil, evil, evil and must be destroyed. And you know what? It doesn't taste good either. Have you ever had 'Mexican Coke'? They manufacture it with white sugar and it tastes so much better. Not that I ever drink it. Ahem.

So, whaddya think? Sign in here and tell me what your start and end date is. If you pull it off, cute hubs and I will bake you a whole wheat agave sweetened banana bread loaf and ship it to you whereever you are. (US Only, except Joyce). And a t-shirt! I don't know what it looks like yet, thankfully I have 100 days to come up with it.

Come back here for inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, a place for hints and tips on how to kick the 'crack' habit. This ain't easy but the least we can do is band together for strength. (sniff! that's so beautiful!)

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