Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I guess you've been wondering....

you: Hey! What happened to FU Sugar Jane? She left off at cereal and we haven't seen her since?
me: (crickets)


You probably guessed it...

Into the sugary depths!
Swimming in a sea of delicious body-numbing-bone-crunching-cancer-causing-sugar.

Ohhhh sugar you beeyatch, you snuck back in the door and now you're lying around with big belly and your dirty feet on my coffee table. Your sweaty socks are stinkin' up the place but it's hot damn it's been kinda great having you. You're that ex-boyfriend who I swore off eight times but once you charm your way back in all sweet promises and sparkling good times I get all flushed and codependent and I forget how to get my key back. (again)*

But let's go back to the beginning, shall we?

In late January I began reading this book:

and not very quickly.

and not very thoroughly.

because I'm pretty sure this is a GREAT idea.

and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to let go of a lot of food choices in order to get the full bene of some damn good moods.

and do you know what happened?

it caused a slip! okay a fall. Well actually a real tumble into sugardum as I prepared to change my diet entirely...

except I stopped reading.

(I know that I'm ridiculous).

And I also know that I'll reign it in my friends! And I'll be back here preaching the good word about how good I feel and how lame sugar is with a resounding cry of FU SUGAR! And of course cheering you on again as well.

But first?

I have to quit sugar again. (scheisse)

My friend Stefanie tells the truth about the sugar train here. I'll quit if she does.

*note: VERY happily married, this is purely theoretical and meant to be funny. ahem.


  1. I'm on day 3. This is honestly harder for me than quitting drinking. Or heroin.

  2. oh jane, how well i know... how very well i know... ugh. i gave up SWEETS for lent and i'm not catholic, not even christian! but now everytime i crave a sweet, i think of jesus on the cross and then me eating cupcakes. and then jesus eating cupcakes. yeah, it's weird, but it's working for me. i will not put ashes on my forehead though - but i may have to put some frosting in my hair.

  3. My hubby and I quit sugar and substitute sugars four years ago and stayed on that for two years. Then in summer 2008 Hubby had another manic episode (bipolar) and started back on all sugar and eventually so did I. We only used honey and we were doing well on the no sugar lifestyle. It was a shock to my system at first to have sugar again. I keep the sugar low but I have not returned to the no sugar. Perhaps I will though some day. I know it would be good for me.